The Deadly Mystery of the Missing Diamonds by T.E. Kinsey

The Deadly Mystery of the Missing Diamonds by T.E. KinseyMissing diamonds. Mysterious deaths. And all that jazz.

London, 1925. With their band the Dizzy Heights, jazz musicians Ivor ‘Skins’ Maloney and Bartholomew ‘Barty’ Dunn are used to improvising as they play the Charleston for flappers and toffs, but things are about to take a surprising turn.

Superintendent Sunderland has had word that a deserter who stole a fortune in diamonds as he fled the war is a member of the Aristippus private members’ club in Mayfair—where the Dizzy Heights have a residency. And the thief is planning to steal a hoard of jewels hidden there under the cover of a dance contest.

As mutual pal Lady Hardcastle has suggested, Skins and Dunn are perfectly placed to be Sunderland’s eyes and ears—and Skins’s wife Ellie soon lends a hand with a bit of light snooping. But the stakes change dramatically when a mysterious death at the club brings a sinister note to the investigation.

With the dance contest fast approaching, the trio must solve the mystery of the missing diamonds, unmask the murderer, and prevent more deadly crimes—all without missing a beat.

Unfettered Journey by Gary F. Bengier

Unfettered Journey by Gary F. Bengier“The Hunger Games meets Westworld.”

I’m giving away 100 Kindle copies of my new book (released just last fall), Unfettered Journey, which (briefly) hit 10 Amazon best seller lists in January.

Unfettered Journey is the story of Joe Denkensmith, an AI scientist who seeks to create true robot consciousness. He leaves everything behind to find answers. But a mysterious woman on a personal mission interrupts his search. Fighting unjust forces, Joe is swept into an evil plot that neither can elude. Their struggles against machines, men, and nature test the resilience of the human spirit.

Set in a richly imagined near future, this is a cross-genre novel combining thrilling action, adventure, and a love story. It traces an epic journey – from inside the human mind to the vastness of space, from AIs battling in the desert to the peace of a mountain refuge. It asks social, spiritual, and philosophical questions that will linger. How does the will to survive bring clarity to the human experience? What would you sacrifice to achieve social justice?

Some Reviews:

“Shades of Huxley and Asimov. Gary F. Bengier has created a science fiction adventure that is reminiscent of the masters.”
- Lee Scott, for the Florida Times-Union

"The world is as richly imagined as the Bladerunner movie."
- Midwest Book Review

"That ending was jaw dropping. What a ride!"
- The Literary Vixen

"Unfettered Journey is a futuristic and philosophical romantic adventure perfect for 2020."
- Bookish Muses

The Spinster and the Rake by Eva Devon

The Spinster and the Rake by Eva DevonThe marriage game is afoot in this clever blend of My Fair Lady meets Pride and Prejudice with a twist! From smoldering kisses and financial ruination, to finding the perfect match with whom one can be their true self, Regency England hasn’t been so bold since The Netherfield Ball…

A Recipe for Bad Lemons by Angie Hundley

A Recipe for Bad Lemons by Angie HundleyEnter for a chance to win one of 10 personalized signed copies of A Recipe for Bad Lemons: Ingredients for Success from Life’s Sour Moments by Angie Hundley.

Angie Hundley received one bad lemon after another. There have been many challenges in her life that could break her – like abandonment and abuse as a child resulting in years spent in the foster care system. Rather than wallowing with a sour taste of defeat and victimhood, Angie chose differently. She has made the choice to embrace the gifts each trial presents and use them as ingredients to create a truly successful life.
From being the kind of mother she always wished she’d had, to running a multi-million dollar per year company, Angie has defied the odds. You too are one choice away from choosing the same powerful drive that Angie taps into. A Recipe for Bad Lemons will move you and inspire you to sweeten your life and succeed.

How My Brain Works by Barbara Koltuska-Haskin

How My Brain Works by Barbara Koltuska-HaskinEnter for a chance to win 1 of 10 signed books of HOW MY BRAIN WORKS by Dr. Barbara Koltuska-Haskin
The wide range of useful information contained in this book can help the reader in many ways: basic understanding of this unique organ, advice for anyone concerned about the possibility of a cognitive problem, and the wisdom of the author’s experience in helping her many patients and others to keep their brain healthy and working at their highest level.
Students with learning problems, young people considering varied career paths, victims of brain injuries or mental disorders, the middle-aged and elderly at risk of dementia - all can gain from the knowledge Dr. Barbara Koltuska-Haskin has gained in her many years as a practicing neuropsychologist. In easy-to-understand language, she explains the countless ways the evaluation process she uses can help people in a wide variety of situations, and how the results can be used for maximum benefit.
Plus, building on this information, Dr. Koltuska-Haskin offers a wealth of advice and tips on how to build and maintain optimum brain health. Reaching widely into the physical, psychological, nutritional, and spiritual worlds, she pulls together new research as well as age-old treasured learning to create an everyday guide to harnessing our most powerful mental tools in shaping the healthful and successful lives we all seek.

This Is Not the Jess Show by Anna Carey

This Is Not the Jess Show by Anna CareyEnter to win one of 100 e-book copies of THIS IS NOT THE JESS SHOW by Anna Carey!

“At once thought-provoking and hilarious, THIS IS NOT THE JESS SHOW is a timely, incisive book so masterfully-plotted you won't want to put it down.”—Tahereh Mafi, NEW YORK TIMES best-selling author of the Shatter Me series and A VERY LARGE EXPANSE OF SEA

The year is 1998: TITANIC just won 6 Oscars, boy bands are dominating MTV’s airwaves, and like any other teenager Jess Flynn is just trying to survive high school. Between a crush on her childhood best friend, overprotective parents, and her sister’s worsening health, the only constant is her hometown of Swickley, which feels smaller by the day. Jess is resigned to her small-town life, until the day she discovers a mysterious device with an apple logo, causing her to question everything and everyone she’s ever known. As more cracks appear in Jess’s world, she faces a choice: can she live the rest of her life knowing it’s a lie or should she risk everything for the truth?

A fast-paced, mind-bending YA thriller packed with ‘90s pop culture references and perfect for fans of BLACK MIRROR, THIS IS NOT THE JESS SHOW will keep readers guessing until the very end.