[Paul Selig] The Book of Freedom (Mastery Trilogy/Paul Selig Series) [1917 Book] Ebook

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  • The Book of Freedom (Mastery Trilogy/Paul Selig Series)
  • Paul Selig
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  • 15 March 2020
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SUMMARY The Book of Freedom (Mastery Trilogy/Paul Selig Series) · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook T The first two books of his new Mastery Trilogy The Book of Mastery and The Book of Truth likewise attained popularity and praise Now Selig continues the Teachings of Mastery with the widely anticipated third volume in the seriesThe Book of Freedom which shows readers how to find full expression as the Divine Self through surrender and acuiescence to the true nature of their bei. All of Paul s channelled books bring with them hope for a better world and love for yourself and all humanity but The Book of Freedom hits the ball right out of the park A compelling read that takes you step by step through the process of becoming who you are in truth that is as experiential as the guides promised in book one I Am The Word While this book can be read as a stand alone I highly recommend you you gift yourself by reading all of the books in both trilogies Thank you Paul for bringing the guides through

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SUMMARY The Book of Freedom (Mastery Trilogy/Paul Selig Series) · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Om unseen intellects called the Guides has uickly become the most important and celebrated expression of channeling since A Course In Miracles rose to prominence in the 1970sSelig's previous trilogy of channeled wisdom I Am the Word The Book of Love and Creation andThe Book of Knowing and Worth won a large following around the world for its depth intimacy and psychological insigh. This book is as life changing and consciousness shifting as all of Paul s books thank you Paul and the Guides

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SUMMARY The Book of Freedom (Mastery Trilogy/Paul Selig Series) · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook The third work in channeler Paul Selig's acclaimed Mastery Trilogy guides readers to the knowledge of their true selvesThe crown jewel of the mastery trilogy the most important spiritual work of our time Aubrey Marcus New York Times bestselling author of Own the Day Own Your Life founder and CEO of OnnitThe channeled literature of Paul Selig who receives clairaudient dictation fr. Please know that I am a former scientist trained at a national lab I state that only because it might help you comprehend how mind blowing it is to an empirical evidence based truth seeker to witness external things that are not supposed to be possible At this point I am only part way through this text experiencing it as an Audiobook as read by Paul though I have taken them all in from the very start My initial decision to explore this material was based on observing many others who were stating similarly powerful phenomena though generally internal when they did the same I am going to keep this semi short and vague for a very good reason something remarkable phenomenal external and beyond the known laws of physics as they are normally understood happenedwas witnessed by my sons and I this evening while listening to this book on our drive home I am sure not going to share it here but suffice it to say that similar events though less impossible according to conventional physics have been occurring with each of these texts All I can say is that if there is any doubt in your mind about the potential authenticity of Paul and the guides and what Paul is so graciously continuing to show up for and deliver take a look at his travel schedule then ask yourself if you could keep that up simply try the scientific empiricalexperiential approach and give them a readlisten from the start and don t skip around ie follow the process in the way it is supposed to be taken in if you truly want to see if it works Talk about renewing one s faith Although to be fair when the things take place that I and my sons have observed know is a appropriate term than faith The magnificent inner process that seems to be building within me as a result of exposure to these transformational texts is likely just the tip of the loveberg Sorry but I am essentially at a loss for wordsdon t take my or anyone s admonishment about this you MUST see for yourself Feeling brave Then be exposed to that which lifts beyond the realm of idealizations and into the space of direct experience and knowing My outlook on life just raised several octaves Grateful is an understatement This is NOT TO BE MISSED Fear will no longer dominate the seas of many inner oceans it has been struck by something titanic undeniable BRAVO MERCI Words can not convey the wonder that has been birthed after what felt like lifetimes of rigorous but disappointing investigation In a world exhausted by let downs and failed pursuits this pearl has been received at last and we are lucky beyond belief This WORD is our oyster friends We deserve it I hope many come to know that This book is portal of living liberating Truth and it seems that some things are NOT too good to be true My heart is singing Let Freedom ring