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  • 08 August 2020
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Clay Griffith ↠ 4 Download The Rift Walker characters ↠ 104 Well as her vengeful husband senator Clark With the human alliance in disarrray Prince Cesare lord of the British vampire clan seizes the initiative and strikes at the very heart of EuatoriaAs Adele labors to bring order to her world she learns about the strange powers she exhibited in the north Her teacher Mamoru leads a secret cabal of geomancers who believe Adele is the one who can touch the vast power of the Earth that surges through ley lines and wells up at the rifts where the lines m. Princess Adele is back in Alexandria and despite her efforts to postpone it her wedding date to Senator Clark which will trigger the beginning of the war against the vampires is near She fills her days training her newly discovered powers with her teacher Mamoru and at nights she disguises herself as commoner and watches the popular theatrical plays that tell the story of her rescue and the undying love between her and the Greyfriar Meanwhile Prince Gareth visits London as often as possible and tries to stay close to his brother learning his schemes about the incoming war against the humans in order to protect Adele from the inside The minute that he learns about a threat against her he leaves everything behind and joins her in one of the most awesome and memorable scenes of this series and trust me there are manyIf you ve already read the first book in the series then you probably know that it is a character based story There are alternative POVs that give the reader an insight to each person s reactions feelings and motivations Plenty of politics take place on both camps and everyone is after something war power fame lovePrincess Adele and the Greyfriar make one of the most adorable couples that I ve ever read about She is so strong and determined despite her young age and the fact that the Court had always treated her like the dangerous wild card that would make a disaster of an Empress He on the other hand is such a multi layered character full of curiosity and admiration for the humans and even though he stands alone among his race he dreams of a better future for them They found out that they had fallen in love with each other at the end of the previous book and it was so sweet to see that love bloom in this one despite their different nature All the secondary characters from the previous book are here too young Prince Simon who idolizes the Greyfriar the mysterious samurai Mamoru and his secret cabala who wants to unleash Adele s power Senator Clark whose vanity knows no limits Lord Kelvin and his precious Court protocol Prince Cesare of the Vampires who wants to take his brother s place as the heir to the British throne and the amazing Colonel Anhalt who simply rocks I hope this series makes it to the movies or a BBC series at some point I just couldn t stop picturing Richard Armitage as the Greyfriar while reading it

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The Rift Walker

Clay Griffith ↠ 4 Download The Rift Walker characters ↠ 104 Princess Adele struggles with a life of marriage and obligation as her Euatorian Empire and their American Republic allies stand on the brink of war against the vampire clans of the north However the alliance's horrific strategy for total victory drives Adele to abandon her duty and embark on a desperate uest to keep her nation from staining its hands with genocide Reunited with her great love the mysterious adventurer known to the world as the Greyfriar Adele is pursued by her own people as. I read the whole trilogy without pause and finished it too uickly for my liking This series turned into a surprising gem and I can t wait to reread it All I can say is if you like books about vampires with slight twist on the vampire myth humans battling with the vampires for the survival of the human race a masked hero a kickass heroine interesting new take on magic slow build romance steampunk and the Victorian era then this book is for you Just a uick heads upthis series has clean romance but you can definitely feel the slow development of respect and trust turned into passion here I just felt a little deprived for not seeing that long awaited passion expressed fully in all its glory Apart from that it was an excellent story full of heart pounding action that kept me at the edge of my seat beautiful and yet believable romance and I confess I fell in love with the hero

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Clay Griffith ↠ 4 Download The Rift Walker characters ↠ 104 Eet These energies are the key to defeating the enemy of mankind and if Princess Adele could ever bring this power under her command she could be death to vampires But such a victory will also cost the life of Adele's beloved GreyfriarThe Rift Walkeris the second book in a trilogy of high adventure and alternative history Combining rousing pulp action with steampunk style the Vampire Empire series brings epic politcal themes to life within a story of heartbreaking romance sacrifice and heroi. Originally posted at The Rift Walker Vampire Empire 2 by Clay Griffith Susan Griffith Urban Fantasy Paperback September 6 2011 Prometheus BooksFavorite uote Fine I was brooding It s not like you don t Mine s inherent in my romantic nature Cloaks and castles That s it You are forbidden to look at any cheap books about yourself NoteThere are some mild spoilers from book one in hereAt the end of book one The Greyfriar Adele is back with her family in Euatoria recovering from her experiences with Prince Cesare and being held captive at his vampire holding in London Adele also learned the identity of the elusive Greyfriar and found herself rethinking many of her own personal prejudices The Greyfriar has retreated to his own estate and they both are doing their best to forget each other With an unavoidable war brewing between the vampires and the humans they know there can never be anything between themAt the beginning of The Rift Walker Adele is trying her best to delay her wedding to the obnoxious American Senator Miles Clark who wants her crown and her country for himself She has fallen for the mysterious Greyfriar despite learning who he really is and finds herself unable to forget about him When Adele learns of a plan by her father and the Senator to use humans as fodder in their war against the vampires Adele attempts to call off the wedding only to learn it is being held in two weeks regardless of her feelings While Adele is trying to come to terms with her upcoming nuptials Greyfriar learns her life is in danger and races to her rescue effectively spiriting her away from her own wedding As these two avoid her army and her husband they set in motion a chain of events that are staggering in the chaos they releaseThe Rift Walker is an splendid continuation to the spellbinding magic of The Greyfriar Filled with mind boggling political intrigue betrayal deception magic and a healthy dose of romance you will be once again swept away by this burgeoning epic saga While The Greyfrair was a brilliant set up for this gothic horrific end of the world adventure in which vampires and humans work their way towards a war to end all wars The Rift Walker expands this world while focusing on deeper development and commitment of the characters especially our heroine Adele Adele is a young woman who has matured in the past 3 months Set to become the next Empress of Euatoia she has grown into her expected role while settling comfortably into her own skin of expectations and values If we we not sure before we are sure now that Adele will be no one s pawn again Greyfriar is a solid commanding presence in the book though he takes a backseat to Adele in here This is Adele s story 100 percent I love that while everyone in Adele s life only sees parts of her in relation to how they can benefit from her Greyfriar sees the whole her good and bad and loves her regardless Even knowing that there cannot be a happy ending for them While the romance plays a heavier role in here then in book one it continues to co exists comfortably with the main storyline rather then attempting to overshadow itThe secondary characters are just as important and strongly defined as our protagonists Rather then simply extending the storyline they expand and lift it Senator Clark along with Flay General Anhalt and Mamoru all excel in their scenes and gift us with additional explanations and clues to the roles they are playing and will play in the third and final installment of this series Additional characters are introduced that leave you shuddering at some introductions and laughing at others Adele uses her intelligence and political savvy to garner herself additional allies to help her in her uest for her throne and to use as a shield against her husband s and father s political agendas Let the senator come to me when we reach Bunia Greyfriar started Are you sure I m not afraid of him No I shouldn t think you would be Msiri laughed in complicity and clapped his hands together He murmured to himself This will be an auspicious reunion There may have to be cake Multiple storylines and subplots run parallel and intertwine with some staggering revelations Greyfriar is finding it harder and harder to maintain his anonymity while his brother Cesare has found humans who support his vampire agenda Adele is learning who can and who can not be trusted as the net surrounding them all tightens Everyone has their own agenda and I look forward to seeing how it all plays out in the end Not that it is all doom and gloom though There are uite a few humorous scenes and dialogue in here that engages the reader You ate my food Jaga glared at Gareth And you try to kill me in front of my son What sort of monster are you Mr and Ms Griffith have achieved a perfect balance of dark and light in this series Enough angst and suspense to keep you glued to the pages while cleverly interjected humorous scenes keeps you from despairing that the outcomes will be anything but wantedAs we race towards the end we are once again given a clean viable ending to the main conflict with just enough left to chance to transition us seamlessly into the next book title to be announced Once again Clay and Susan Griffith has managed to astound and captivate me with this series and I am both elated and saddened for the third and last book The Vampire Empire series remains at the top of my must read list in Urban FantasyRATING A