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  • Hardcover
  • 272
  • The Branded Mind
  • Erik Du Plessis
  • English
  • 04 December 2020
  • 9780749461256

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characters The Branded Mind ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free E on current theories of consumer behavior How can neuroscience contribute to marketing and brand building strategies Including research by Millward Brown The Branded Mind touches on key topics such as the nature of feelings moods personality measuring the brain consumer behavior decision making and market segmentation. A little too theoretical for what I ws looking for for Brnd courses Excellent content based on research Published in 2011

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characters The Branded Mind ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Is does just that In this his second book du Plessis explores what scientists have uncovered about the structure of the brain and how different parts of the brain interact He investigates developments in neuroscience and neuromarketing and what lessons this holds for brand managers What bearing do these developments hav. The way Erik has written it is too good Very well organized deep knowledge on how mind works from hormonal level to behavioral Very good examples from marketing point of view It really shows how public manipulation goes own without us knowing Every line is written with a thought It depends on you how much you can take from it Secret Agent MinisterDeadly Texas Rose you how much Dangerous Melody Treasure Seekers #2 you can take from it

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characters The Branded Mind ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free The Branded Mind is about how people think and in particular how people think about brands Brand choice decisions ultimately take place inside the consumer's head Neuroscience then holds lessons for how consumers respond to brands and make purchasing decisions Marketers and brand managers should take note Erik du Pless. Erik Du Plessis is Chairman of Millward Brown South Africa and has taught a course on neuromarketing at Copenhagen business schoolHe refers to seminal research papers and other prominent books in the field of neuromarketing in this bookSome key excerpts from his book are belowPeople give attention to things they like and attention creates memories Brands are bought to affect bodily states hunger or thirst create moods of well being comply with cultures and social groupings status project personalitiesConsumers will always try to classify you in terms of existing product categoriesGet the consumer to mentally rehearse the brand position they are buying Once you have defined such dopamine moments and the feelings that the moment evoked you can start to build this into the brand promise and make it the basis for the creative approachAdvertising does two things1 It creates a general effect that increases the brand association with all positive attributes2 It creates a specific effect that increases the brand Association with specific attributes than the othersOver time the general effect increases the brands fame while the specific effect increases the brands position in the consumers mindIn the real world brands with smaller market share tend to buy advertising share than their market share and also that brands with larger market shares and to buy less advertising share In other words there tends to be an economy of scaleMillward Brown BrandDynamics heuristic modelPresence a brand needs to get on a consumers radarRelevance the brand must be seen as a viable choice one that offers and is capable of delivering something of value at a reasonable pricePerformance consumer will move from relevance to performance if he or she does not mention the brand in relation to any performance barriersAdvantage the brand can forge a deeper committed relationship with the consumer by distinguishing itself from the competition in one or waysBonding consumer is considered to be bonded to the brand when he or she indicates that nothing else beats it