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Bitten by Kelley Armstrong Free download Ü 100 Made her one too She has no choice but to join him at Stonehaven the upstate New York home of an elite pack of werewolvesIn an attempt to break away she moves to Toronto to lead a normal life Working as a journalist Elena now lives with her new architect boyfriend works out in the basement gym of their high rise apartment lunches with girlfriends from the office and once a week at four in the morning runs naked and furr. A lot of authors tend to rely on supernatural abilities to make their fantasy and paranormal characters appealing to us foolish mortals who seek our escapes amongst their pages But Kelley Armstrong s werewolves in Bitten must rely on grit and personality alone because aside from having the ability to Change their shape they don t have any bizarre powers They aren t immortal they can be killed just as easily as any other non supernatural creature and it doesn t take a silver bullet to do it they could be gored by a deer hit by a truck or even strangled or have their throats slit by a human psychopath The abilities Armstrong s werewolves were granted were surprisingly believable even without that total suspension of reality that is reuired to read a book about werewolves or vampires or the Fey They were stronger than the average human able to run harder longer bench press and do pushups And they could heal faster but healing wasn t an instantaneous process it still reuired rest and time And even though there was a slight psychic connection between the alpha and his pack it was no eerie than the close bond between a set of twins or best girlfriends or a married couple so in tune to each other that they freuently find themselves dialing the phone to call the other at the exact same time It was Armstrong s ability to subtly draw you into the werewolves world that sold me hook line and sinker Like so many others who read urban fantasy and paranormal romance werewolves have not been my favorite characters Vampires yes Other fantastical beasts erm okay but only if there s a vampire somewhere in the book But werewolves Eh Pass Fortunately the high ratings this book has received practically forced me into giving this book a shot And frankly I loved itElena Michaels is one of the most intriguing heroines I ve encountered in uite some time She is the only female werewolf in existence and in the history of the Pack She was raised human and after losing her parents in a car crash was in and out of foster homes for her entire young life She suffered the unwanted attentions of her foster fathers and grew up wanting nothing than to have that normal human life a good career a caring husband a homeBut when she was bitten by a werewolf during college everything changed and her dreams for a normal life were ripped away from her because suddenly she was faced with violent urges a ravenous appetite and the need to periodically change form and run as a wolf through the night Obviously the latter is hard to do in a big city like Toronto but after gaining some control over her other half Elena tries to make it work She takes a job as a journalist with the newspaper has a wonderful human boyfriend named Phillip who is kind and considerate and buys her flowers and she uietly appeases the werewolf inside her by sneaking in between meals at street vendors so her live in human boyfriend doesn t notice her above average appetite and she sneaks out of the apartment at 2 am to stalk and scare local security guards a sad excuse for an all out deer hunt but she makes do But then she receives an urgent message from Jeremy the Pack leader and Elena can t ignore it her Pack is in danger Elena leaves Toronto and flies to a remote area in upstate New York where her Pack is headuartered And there she finds Clay just as she left him waiting for her still in love with her Like Elena Clay is also a dark tortured hero And the relationship Armstrong weaves for the two is both passionate and painful and oh so wonderful and the fact that the relationship was second to the urban fantasy plot of an all out werewolf battle for territory didn t make it any less satisfying No spoilers here so I won t say anything else except that I highly highly recommend

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Bitten by Kelley Armstrong Free download Ü 100 With rights already sold in seven countries Bitten is a daring literary suspense novel that is causing an international sensationEver since her parents were killed in a car accident when she was five Elena Michaels has longed for a normal family life Smart beautiful and engaged to be married Elena hopes to fulfill that dream when disaster strikes Not only has her fiance lied about his secret life as a werewolf but he's. You know when you don t really expect to like a book based on the fact that you re prejudiced to its contents For example thanks to Twilight I am completely Team Vampire and I m terribly ashamed at having brought Twilight up trust me so anything Werewolf ish automatically sets off some inner resentment Knowing this book was about werewolves just made me go blegh but I was suddenly determined to give it a chance and so I did Oh My God FANTASTIC I was utterly absorbed by this book from the first page completely mesmerised by the characters playing out on the pages before me I was mentally crying as I neared the final page torn between needing to finish and wanting it to last forever and ever This book is thrilling entertaining hilarious it had me in hysterics steamy sexy tragic it s honestly just a rollercoaster of adjectives Elena is the most amusing narrator I ve come across in a long time whether she means to be or not She is truly a uniue voice and I wished that Armstrong had continued the series from Elena s point of view because I m IN LOVE with her Really even when I wanted to strangle her for stupidity I loved her I could say that about Clay too GOD I loved Clay even when I hated him These are those rare types of characters you never want to let go once you ve found them Honestly I could ramble for ages but I m trying to contain myself Trust me if you have any doubts about reading this just push past them and give this book a go You can t go wrong

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Bitten by Kelley Armstrong Free download Ü 100 Ed through a downtown Toronto ravine ripping out the throats of her animal prey But when a band of outlaw were wolves threatens the Stonehaven pack Elena's feral instincts drive her back there to join the defense What follows is a war for territory for pride and ultimately for Elena herselfWriting with the visceral power of Anne Rice Kelley Armstrong has created a fascinating story of a woman struggling for her identity. Elena Michaels is the most idiotic and annoying main character ever As if it s not bad enough that she s the stereotypical urban fantasy heroine hates being different continually tries to be normal etc she s also just plain stupid The spends the entire book swearing on her life that she doesn t love Clay ex fiance turned her into a werewolf blah blah blah and yet is cuddling up with him and spending time with him the whole time DESPITE the fact that she keeps saying how much she cares about her human boyfriend back homeAnd then whenever Clay tries to get serious about her and him getting back together she completely shuts him out and shouts at him for no reason and doesn tlisten to a word he saysIf the story hadn t revolved around Elena Michaels the book would ve been passable But since it did revolve around her it was awfulFull review