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  • 05 February 2018
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review Taming the Scotsman Taming the Scotsman Free read ↠ 8 Read × eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF È Sienna Mynx Ed by deception He devises a plan to get even But in doing so he only drives the woman of his desires further from his heart Can these two fated lovers overcome a misunderstanding Or are they doomed from the start. Jayla has a lot on her proverbial plate with being everything to her younger brother Things are about to change when said brother has a chance of a life tie to offer his big sister Accepting baby boys proposition Jayla finds herself in a foreign country and with a strage man in her room This chance encounter turns into a desire she has never known Alec Cavannaugh has a history with woman always wanting something from him So what is he to think when he finds out that Jayla is to be his new assistant Suspicious rise and truth and fiction begin to mix but not in a good wayJayla certainly experiences a ride of a life time3 years later and I still love this tangled read between Jayla and the Baron

review Taming the Scotsman

Taming the Scotsman

review Taming the Scotsman Taming the Scotsman Free read ↠ 8 Read × eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF È Sienna Mynx The right thing or following the passion her brooding Scotsman brings Alec Cavanaugh has met a wonderful woman He’s excited and thrilled about the promise of a new love But unfortunately that love is overshadow. Another great book by Ms Mynx I loved the book

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review Taming the Scotsman Taming the Scotsman Free read ↠ 8 Read × eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF È Sienna Mynx Unbeknownst to her new lover Jayla Howard has told a lie Done out of love for a brother she wants to protect she’s mislead the new man in her life When their lives reconnect and collide Jayla is faced with doing. Description When Annamarie Jayla Howard is convinced to come work at a Scottish castle by her younger brother she never dreams she ll become embroiled in a tumultuous affair with its sexy but arrogant owner Baron Alec CavanaughThe Good This book is a serious page turner The only reason I didn t read it in two sittings was because I had to actually do my dayjob which I conseuentially began to resent for keeping me from further reading If you like soap opera and yelling Oh no he didn t at your books as I do then you will love TAMING THE SCOTSMAN It has well constructed conflict a compelling alpha male who loves soul music really wonderful cultural details about Scotland and somehow Ms Mynx manages to keep things sexy even in between the actual sexing I love the twist on the taming of the shrew especially since this alpha male really really really needs taming You ll hopefully have fun getting mad at him before getting won over by him again and again Also the book is a than good length for it s priceThe Bad Jayla as a character was a bit uneven at times caving in when perhaps the reader would not This will make her feel a little inconsistent and weak to some readers Ms Mynx sets up uite a few clocks which become hard to track and don t pay off There are a few ill advised italicized dream and memory passages that not only stopped the story s momentum but also felt completely unneeded And the ending felt a bit rushed not as firm as a reader might wantThe Naughty Steamy verging on erotic Sex on a train Delicious blackmailEditing issues uite a few typos over 10 Word misusage Dialogue weirdly formatted on KindlePublisher The Divas Pen LLC indieLength 300 pagesFinal Grade BHappy ReadingTheodora from irbookreviewscom