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  • Paperback
  • 281
  • How Google Tests Software
  • James A. Whittaker
  • English
  • 05 September 2020
  • 9780321803023

James A. Whittaker à 4 review

How Google Tests Software Read & Download à 104 James A. Whittaker à 4 review E Tests Software legendary Google testing leader James Whittaker and two top Google experts reveal powerful lessons Google has learned about testing software at unparalleled scale and speed and offer brea. This is not a typical book It has both good and bad The good the level of technical detail the clarity and the straightforward presentation of the authors The book painted a picture where SET software engineer in test was the best technical job and TE test engineers are the best generalist job At least from a reader s point of view It certainly is encouraging and enlightening particularly for google engineersThe bad1 the writing style Oh my god the authors have almost no writing style The whole book reads like a training handout it has verbatim interviews interspersed in the chapters Short articles written by SETs TEs inserted into the text Long code segments interspersed with cultural discussions Verbatim copies of blog posts There is no consistent flow of thoughts The book seriously lack readability improvement2 the vision itself All three authors have left Google after this book was published I cannot help but asking does the vision stand good with time or it is just an wishful thinking of the group of engineers at the peak years of the testing effort of Google

Read & Download How Google Tests Software

How Google Tests Software

How Google Tests Software Read & Download à 104 James A. Whittaker à 4 review Google faces the world's largest toughest software testing challenges To get it right Google is pioneering the future of testing and automation You also need to get it right Learn from Google In How Googl. This was an odd book It s really 3 things an internal training manual a recruiting tool and an external guide to Google s testing practices The first two really got in the way of what would have otherwise been a very interesting book

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How Google Tests Software Read & Download à 104 James A. Whittaker à 4 review Kthrough best practices you can use even if you're not uite Google's sizeyet Using these techniues you can transform testing from a bottleneck into an accelerator and make your whole organization producti. Must read for everyone whose work related to software testing and uality assurance