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  • Paperback
  • 352
  • Night Screams Stalkers
  • Ed Gorman
  • English
  • 08 August 2020
  • 9780451455123

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READ & DOWNLOAD Night Screams Stalkers Ed Gorman ✓ 1 READ & DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD ✓ Night Screams Stalkers Nd many CONTENTSThe dripping David Morrell The wringer F Paul Wilson A season of change Richard T Chizmar Good vibrations Richard Laymon The Tulsa experience Lawrence Block Trolls Christopher Fahy Small deaths Charles de Lint White lightning Al Sarrantonio Hitman Rick Hautala Vympyre William F Nolan And eight rabid pigs David GerroldBringing it. Not sure how to rate this book I just picked it up for something to read at a friends house I was disgusting but I was curious and could not put it down I know Hell Raiser the move scares the BJesues out of me and I know that when I saw there was a story by Clive barker And he creeps me out knowing he sits around and thinks of this stuff BUT I still read it I guess its like watching a slow train wreck I was curious and can t say I would not do it again

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READ & DOWNLOAD Night Screams Stalkers Ed Gorman ✓ 1 READ & DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD ✓ Night Screams Stalkers It's a jungle out there It's even savage inside the twisted minds of murderers who conceal their malevolence behind smiling masks and strike out without pity This spine tingling collection contains 23 new stories of suspense from some of the bestselling authors in the genre Authors include Clive Barker Lawrence Block David Morrell Ray Bradbury a. 9 The Dripping David MorrellThis was originally published in the 70 s unlike most of the stories which were new for the book mid 90s However it s uite good A man comes home to the old country house where his family s been staying for the summer But all is silent except for the milk dripping from the ceiling Where are his wife daughter and elderly mother What has happened 18 The Wringer F Paul WilsonAn American of Middle Eastern descent has had his family kidnapped The abductor is calling spewing anti Arab sentiments and demanding that he do progressively humiliating and dangerous acts or his wife and son will be killed In desperation he calls a mercenary hitman called Repairman Jack Good ending 68 A Season of Change Richard T ChizmarA policeman whose partner has been killed by a drug dealer takes justice into his own hands Not that memorable or scary 86 Good Vibrations Richard LaymonA flirtatious teenager gets than she bargained for when she meets a good looking but strange young man while sunbathing at the beach And it was almost such a sweet story 104 The Tulsa Experience Lawrence BlockLast time I read this was before I d been on tripadvisorcom and read people s trip reports about their mostly rather mundane vacations This story of a guy and his brother s vacations to not so exotic cities and the touristy things they do on these trips reads just like one of those except for the shocker Pretty funny 117 Trolls Christopher FahyStraight out of college a young woman gets the job she was hoping for a teaching position However the school is an institution for mentally disabled adults rather rundown and in an isolated location And some of the students seem full of malice than you d expect Is this why staff members keep uitting unexpectedly never to be seen again Or does the school hide a deeper secret The title does rather give it away 141 Small Deaths Newford Charles de LintNot really a horror story per se A young woman who s a late night radio DJ gets stalked by a weirdo and learns some things about hope and despair 164 White Lightning Al SarrantonioAn abused kid goes nuts and goes on a killing spree Extremely violent uite good 176 Hitman Rick HautalaA Mafia hitman s car breaks down and he s forced to hitch a ride from a passerby but then the good Samaritan thinks he sees a dead hand flopping around sticking out of the truck in front of them More like an episode of The Sopranos than a horror story 192 Vympyre William F NolanAn ancient vampire is dying Only 3 pages long He reminisces a bit then dies 195 And Eight Rabid Pigs Satan Claus David GerroldA writer makes up a story about the anti Santa Claus But naming things can bring them into being and as the story gains popularity perhaps Satan Claus will actually come into being Nice holiday tale tonguegif 210 Bringing It Along A R MorlanA rather nasty boyfriend likes to scare his wussy girlfriend on camping trips But this time he doesn t get the last laugh 219 Redemption Jack KetchumAn ex girlfriend has made a habit of offing her ex es new dates Nobody suspects a well dressed young woman of being a killer But she gets than she bargained for when she meets a dangerous dominatrix Eh The story tries too hard to say too much 232 The Graveyard Ghoul Edward D HochA mystery in the gothic vein A rich gentleman calls for an investigation Someone s been desecrating graves on his estate s private cemetery and he suspects it might be his own son but what could be the motive for such a gruesome crime I don t really think it works all that well the clues don t necessarily add up to the conclusion but it s fun enough 249 The Rings of Cocytus Katherine RamslandAnother serial killer story Remember you never know what could set off a killer they could seem normal until the trigger is pulled and they snap Not one of the stronger pieces in the book 255 Late Last Night John MaclayA young driftermusician meets a similar girl in a bus station They hook up then they get killed randomly by hoodlums If you have a deep fear of unknown cities at night this story might do it for you but it s just too random and unrealistic There s no point to it 264 Beasts in Buildings Turning Round J N WilliamsonA group of people are stuck in a hotel in a war torn Middle Eastern city And someone is killing them one by one Who is the murderer The lip reading nun may be able to find out Interesting settingpremise but not that well executed 287 Dark Side of the Moon Barbara CollinsAn abused wife goes missing from her home Did her husband kill her The leader of the local feminist group jumping to conclusions certainly thinks so But the psychic detective seems to think she s alive and well on the moonIf a guy had written this one it would never have been published 303 Honor Bound J M MorganBest serial killer story of the lot When he was little Gershom s mother was attacked and killed Now Gershom feels compelled to reenact this crime again and again preying on mothers with young childrenforcing them to make a choice between their lives and that of their children Believable and creepy 318 The Instrumentalist William Relling JrShort piece from the point of view of a hospitalized psycho Not too impressive 321 Corpse Carnival as by D R Banat Ray BradburyAnother older piece originally published in 1945 A classic One of a pair of Siamese twins is stabbed at a carnival freakshow The uick work of a surgeon saves the other twin s life Now he is a normal man finally it seems he ll be able to be free and be alone with the woman he loves But first even though he always disliked and resented his twin he s honor bound to find his brother s killer 338 The Book of Blood Clive BarkerThis is really just the introduction to Barker s Books of Blood series of short stories Previously published and certainly doesn t deserve the top billing it s given Still Barker s always good


READ & DOWNLOAD Night Screams Stalkers Ed Gorman ✓ 1 READ & DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD ✓ Night Screams Stalkers Along AR Morlan Redemption Jack Ketchum The graveyard ghoul Edward D Hoch The rings of Cocytus Katherine Ramsland Late last night John Maclay Beasts in buildings turning 'round JN Williamson Dark side of the moon Babara Collins Honor bound JM Morgan The instrumentalist William Relling Jr Corpse carnival Ray Bradbury The book of blood Clive Barke. The first half of this book I really enjoyed But I found some of the stories at the end I skipped through and there was even two I didn t understand which is unusual for me I m also not a huge Clive Barker fan which may seem unusual to some horror fanatics