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Sleeping Giants review Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Length 8 hrs sand 27 minsAn inventive debut in the tradition of World War Z and The Martian told in interviews journal entries transcripts and news articles Sleeping Giants is a thriller fueled by a uest for truth and a fight for control of earthshaking power A girl named Rose is riding her new bike near her home in Deadwood South Dakota when she falls through the earth She wakes up at the bottom of a suare hole its walls glowing with intricate carvings But the firemen who come to save her peer down upon something even stranger a little girl in the palm of a giant metal hand   Seventeen years later the mystery of the bizarre artifact remains unsolved its origins architects and purpose unknown Its carbon dating defies belief; military reports are redacted; theories are floated then rejec. Update 21718Boy I keep re reading this stuff and I never seem to have any problems doing so I m still having fun and it s still popcorn fun WHAT ARE THE CHANCESSo why did I re read I just got the pre release of book three Only Human It s CALLING TO ME Update 121016Just re read and what can I say I still love it Didn t really miss anything from the first time but that certainly doesn t matter when I m just having fun Robots ROBOTS sueeeeeeeeeeeeeeAnd now that I ve got the ARC for the seuel it s like double sueeeeeeeeeeeeeee Old review 2216A big thank you goes to Netgalley and I can only ask for an apology for holding off so long before reading this novel I suppose I figured that anything that would give away such a long lead time is either playing the really hopeful card or the really cautious oneI m here on the other side of reading it to say that I had a great timeI do hate blurbs that say misleading things to link an author to other big items like The Martian or World War Z An Oral History of the Zombie War and honestly this novel is really nothing like themIt deserves to stand on its own And thanks to a little reconstructive surgery I m sure it will Sorry That s a little inside joke Read it and I m sure that ll become crystal clear No if I really HAD to make a connection with this and some other media then it s closer to Pacific Rim or Neon Genesis Evangelion than some space adventure or a zombie apocalypse Indeed in some ways it s better written than either of those novels I ve had the pleasure to review a few novels with epistolary writing recently and this one happens to clock in at one of the easiest and interesting based entirely on transcripts so it s completely a novel of dialogue I loved it Out of all the characters I think I loved the interviewer best He or she whatever the person s name is has got to have one hell of a head on his or her shoulders All I can say is Bravo on the Long Game I wanted to cheer This is an absolutely delightful and pure SF novel that doesn t dumb down to us expresses true joy at revealing the nature of the universe and for the rest of us who are in it for a grand adventure with high stakes and much much higher stakes to come thanks to the Titans you re in for a treatI was never bored Not even once I loved the scientific progression that led to the political horrors all the way to the ruthless exploitations But what really sparked my fire was the uick return to something wonderfully idealistic even if or despite its being paraded about as an absolute necessity There s something delightfully evil about it If this isn t a brilliant start to a wonderful new SF series then I ll be a monkey s uncle I d read the living hell out of the entire series and chortle all the way knowing that SF is not dead or dying it s just preparing for a new and JUST life as a GiantIs this a Heroic novel Hell yes I think that s what we ve been missing all these long years Wonder and heroism and a nice handful of mythology to boot Read this Read it everyone We need stories like this on the market

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Sleeping Giants review Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ” Kirkus Reviews “Reminiscent of The Martian and World War Z Sleeping Giants is a luminous conspiracy yarn that shoots for and lands among the stars” Pierce Brown New York Times bestselling author of Red Rising   “First time novelist Sylvain Neuvel does a bold splashy cannonball off the high dive with Sleeping Giants It bursts at the seams with big ideas and the uestions they spawn How much human life is worth sacrificing in the pursuit of scientific progress Can humanity be trusted with weapons of ultimate destruction And the biggest Are we alone But all that really matters is that this book is a sheer blast from start to finish I haven’t had this much fun reading in ages” Blake Crouch author of Dark Matter and the bestselling Wayward Pines trilogy From the Hardcover editi. Man I loved this SF novel The seuel Waking Gods was published at the beginning of April 2017 and the last book in this series is being published this springFinal review first posted on Fantasy LiteratureI first read Sleeping Giants six months ago and was immediately sucked into its world I stayed up far too late reading it finishing it the next day when I really should have been working History repeats itself When it came time to write this review I thought I would take a uick glance through this novel reading a few pages here and there to remind myself of the important plot points Instead I read the entire book again in one sitting staying up until past 200 am Clearly Sleeping Giants is literary crack and I had best stay away from it when any other duty or my bed is calling Sleeping Giants takes several ingredients that always appeal to me geeky science governmental conspiracies a master planner with ice water in his veins intelligent characters and dry humor and folds them into a mystery about a very strange artifact The story is told through a series of recorded interviews and journal entries and the like It s been done before but I thought the format lent itself well to the plot We get to know the characters through their own words Intriguingly the files that make up the chapters often skip over several numbers at a time eg File No 17 is followed by File No 31 increasing the sense of reality by implying how much backstory remains untoldRose Franklin riding her bike on her eleventh birthday falls into a fifty foot deep hole that suddenly appears in her path When she comes to the next morning she is lying on a twenty three foot long metal hand at the bottom of a perfectly suare hole as big as a house with bright turuoise light shining from unreadable symbols carved in the walls around herTwenty years later Rose now a senior scientist at the University of Chicago is placed in charge of a team researching the nature of the hand and the symbols on the wall panels Carbon dating shows the hand to be between five and six thousand years old and linguists have never been able to interpret any of the symbols which are inexplicably still glowing The hand and writing have baffled scientists for years But suddenly it occurs to Rose What triggered the sudden appearance of the hand Surely there must be other metal body parts to go with the hand and can we cause them to appear as well As she figures out the answer the team and this novel are off and running various immense pieces of the artifact are extracted often from other countries which causes some political upheaval and put together some mysteries are solved only to give rise in Hydra like fashion to many Their mysterious handler begins to bring in key new members of the team with Dr Franklin as the head and heart of it Kara Resnik the hotshot helicopter pilot who is both incredibly stubborn and irascible but also funny and vulnerable was my favorite but each team member is a distinct individual with their own personality uirks and flaws The key players are Victor Couture a brilliant French Canadian linguist Ryan Mitchell Kara s co pilot who is variously compared to Captain America and an underwear model by other characters and Alyssa Papantoniou a geneticist with a stammer and a desire to be in charge Even the nameless handler whom we get to know only through his interviews of other characters develops as a character He appears extremely cold blooded though with a sardonic sense of humor I read his file I believe he is resilient than you give him credit for You rea He has a file Your hairdresser has a file and you see him once a month Vincent Couture is a foreign national on US soil with direct access to top secret level information on a daily basis He has several files very large ones You have a file on my hairdresser Yes He really needs to file his taxesBut though he never ceases weaving his plans and pulling the strings of others he gradually becomes sympathetic and understandable Sleeping Giants has just the right amount of hard science enough technical and scientific details to satisfy the geek in me but it never goes overboard like say Seveneves and it s infused with delightfully imaginative developments In the cold light of day I have a few uibbles with the science parts particularly toward the end of the novel In particular I have issues with view spoilerthe practicality of backwards bending knees in a two legged humanoid being and how these or any other alien beings could interbreed with humans many millennia ago hide spoiler

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Sleeping Giants review Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ted   But some can never stop searching for answers   Rose Franklin is now a highly trained physicist leading a top secret team to crack the hand’s code And along with her colleagues she is being interviewed by a nameless interrogator whose power and purview are as enigmatic as the provenance of relic What’s clear is that Rose and her compatriots are on the edge of unraveling history’s most perplexing discovery and figuring out what it portends for humanity But once the pieces of the puzzle are in place will the result prove to be an instrument of lasting peace or a weapon of mass destruction  Advance praise for Sleeping Giants  “This stellar debut novel masterfully blends together elements of sci fi political thriller and apocalyptic fiction A page turner of the highest order. This book is a work of art Even though it was written in interviews journal entries articles and transcripts the details were never once left out and there was not a single moment when a certain interview felt detached from the rest of the book which is extraordinary All the files merged together very well and once you finish reading a chapter the part of the story revealed in that chapter adds to everything you already know and forms a steady timeline of events which is amazing It was put together incredibly well the amount of planning that must have gone into this book is mindblowing The book is was very original and even though it was a new the concept the details the facts the science and the characters were very well thought out The amount of research that must have been done is tremendous It is definitely very intriguing and kept me on my toes through its entirety The fact that the story is narrated in interviews makes it all the interesting because we don t know what happened in the time between the previous interview and the interview you are reading till you get to the core of the interview you re currently reading It was a very engaging book the amount of theories I personally formulated is crazy The entire concept was extremely well done and the Sci Fi aspect of the book was one of the best I have read so far The story maintains its mystery throughout the book and even when the book finished it still feels like an enigma because no matter how much you read there always seems to be to know The integral concept of the book was carried out through the book very well and I hope it continues to do so in the rest of the seriesA young girl named Rose Franklin falls into a giant metal hand when she was young And now Dr Rose Franklin has been put in charge of finding out what the hand is and finding the rest of the parts to what will be a metal giant Now nobody knows what this is how it got here or even what we re supposed to do with it We can only hope that the giant is not a weapon that will lead to mass destructionThe best part of the story at least in my opinion is the interviewer We don t know who the interviewer is and neither does anyone in the book He maintains his anonymity throughout the book He seems to have an extraordinary amount of power not like magic but in the sense that he has what seems to be an endless amount of connections in places of power No matter where the book goes the fact that the giant could be the strongest weapon known to mankind doesn t seem to bother me as much as WHO IS THE INTERVIEWER It s constantly nagging me in the back of my head and if I don t find out soon I m going to go mad The book is written very well and doesn t lose sight of the plot The science fiction concept is written to the point of perfection Each of the characters play a major role in the story and I love each of them for what they bring into the story The cover is beautiful in it s simplicity and the title matches the concept flawlessly I can t wait to see where this story is going to take me I rate this book 5 stars