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  • Paperback
  • 296
  • Risky Pleasures
  • Brenda Jackson
  • English
  • 09 September 2020
  • 9780373860128

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READ & DOWNLOAD Risky Pleasures 100 Eually determined to prove him wrong What Vanessa doesn't suspect is that Cameron intends to brand her so deeply with his island passion that once they're back in the States she'll be the one in hot pursuit. An excellent readWell written story of a man determined to win the one he loves Able to conuer in the area of business Cameron has to fight in the arena of love Realising it won t come easy he uses another tactic to win the one he loves With this tactic he comes close to losing but passion and desire with much pleasure propelled him towards the most important takeover of his life An enjoyable read

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READ & DOWNLOAD Risky Pleasures 100 Se sitting for her sister in Jamaica he buys the adjoining property and makes her an offer she can't refuseCameron is determined to prove to Vanessa that he is the one temptation she cannot resist but she is. Vanessa Steele had something on her hands if she thought that Cameron Cody was going to let her keep dismissing him since he tried talking over her family s company than three years ago To prove his point he not only purchased the house next door to her sister s house in Jamaica while she was house sitting for two weeks he also informed her that he would be making his permanent residence in Charlotte where she lived He turned on the heat after their two week affair so that she would not forget that he would be available to her anytime anywhere or in any position He was relentless in going after the woman that he loved and let steal his heart Awesome love story and definitely a must read

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READ & DOWNLOAD Risky Pleasures 100 Although frustrated in his attempt to acuire Steele Corporation arrogant millionaire Cameron Cody will not be denied the firm's most attractive asset Vanessa Steele So when Cameron learns that Vanessa is hou. Risky Pleasure by Brenda Jackson The novel is about Vanessa Steele and Cameron Cody love hate relationship She couldn t stand him since he tried to take over Steele Corporation Vanessa goes on vacation in Jamaica house sitting for her sister Cheyenne house while she on assignment Vanessa Steele is Strong IndependentTrust issuesSelf worth She was not looking for love after Harlan Shaw affair blow up in her face he shook her confidence and trust with men Cameron Cody and Vanessa Steele have a strong attraction but she in denial Cameron Cody has an agenda to win over Vanessa Steele and married her he wanted her for 3 years Sienna knows Vanessa was attracted to Cameron Cody she refused to have another man use her and tell her she not good enough Vanessa Steele hate the fact Cameron Cody was Confident Stubborn StraightforwardArrogantGo getterGiving It start off as a Island affair so she thought He made her feel things she never felt before he brought out good and bad in her What ended up happening he and Vanessa ended falling for each other