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READ & DOWNLOAD Ý Grrrls on the Side READ & DOWNLOAD ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook á Carrie Pack A Riot Grrrl meet upAt the meeting Tabitha finds girls who are like her and a place to belong But just as Tabitha is settling in with her new friends and beginning to think she understands herself eighteen year old Jackie Hardwick walks into a meeting and changes her world forever. A copy was provided by the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewI wanted to read this book because it s an ff YA romance centering a fat girl and I am always interested in finding fat positive ueer representation I m glad Tabitha never diets there is no weight loss arc here She has a bunch of self loathing and low self esteem around being fat and is bullied for being fat I know these things will likely resonate with other fat readers They resonated for me felt painfully accurate Tabitha has an arc around self acceptance and anger about fat oppression She grows a bit in this regard thanks to a combination of feminism and the love of a good woman I didn t particularly care for the finding self acceptance through the love interest part and was glad it was balanced by her finding a bit of a politic around her fat identity If you want to read a YA book about becoming politicized around fat identity this may be an option It s not exactly a fat positive depiction of a fat accepting oneI thought the additions from the zines were a lovely idea that fell down a bit in execution I have seen some really awesome writing and politics in zines and was disappointed that these excerpts were missing that level of uality Teenagers can be brilliant thinkers and writers and these excerpts did not reflect that There were amazing ueer fat activist zines at the time this book was set I really wished that Tabitha could have found those and through them found fat activism For folks looking for real examples of Riot Grrl zines I suggest checking out the anthology The Riot Grrrl Collection edited by Lisa DarmsThis book had some core problems of structure and plotting it sort of meandered along and didn t seem to know where it was going It did not feel like YA which usually has strengths of tight plotting andor strong voice and characterization This lacked both It did not hold up as a romance for me either didn t follow a clear romantic arc or have a satisfying happy ending These problems made it difficult to finish I did not care about the characters wasn t driven forward by the plot I didn t particularly want to spend time hanging out with these people because they weren t that compelling I wasn t rooting for the love interests to be together I actually thought they were really badly matched and hoped that they would not stay together Between Tabitha s denial that racism exists and denial and avoidance in general her not really getting that Jackie was homelessprecariously housed and what that meant and her issues around Jackie s butchness and Jackie s rather intense hatred of Tabitha s bisexuality and tendency to bottle things up and then blurt them out it seemed clear that they would just keep hurting each other over and overI had some other core difficulties with this book It s a bit difficult to tease out a central narrative from the story because the plotting is so muddled but in my read one of the central arcs in the story was about racial conflict within this particular Riot Grrrrl group and the ways that conflict was inevitably part of Tabitha and Jackie s relationship On it s face that s not necessarily an issue The way it played out in the story was where the problems exist It centered on Tabitha a white girl learning that racism exists and is not ok and that she needed to stop trying to ignore that reality In the process of her learning to accept this reality the Black women in the group get hurt again and again by the blatant racism of the white women and Tabitha hurts Jackie repeatedly This revelation for Tabitha comes at the end of the book via a conversation with a white woman and we don t really get to see what she is going to do about it I personally did not believe that she was going to do much This sets up the characters of color in the story especially Jackie to serve the learning of the white MC which is a deeply problematic choice Depicting this kind of racism without challenge for almost the entirety of the book is harmful It s also justa really disappointingly simple arc about racism It centers white learning and white characters That learning is very basic racism is real She never has to really take action about it We are at a time in YA when folks are publishing such complex nuanced interesting books about racism this doesn t even come close to those Another core issue I had with this book was the way it grappled with oppression and violence We see characters get bullied get sexually assaulted get ueer bashed get threatened we see deeply harmful responses to violence we see fat hatred ueer hatred racism misogyny butch hatred and bisexual hatred And almost none of it gets challenged textually or by other characters The story is so intensely weighed down by all these really harmful things that are just everywhere throughout the text unchallenged It made the book a very difficult read Especially since I think that the Riot Grrrl feminism depicted in the book was supposed to be a challenge to themand it just wasn t It was not a feminism that even really understood these issues much less grappled with them effectively It was a deeply white feminism that had no tools to deal with core issues of misogyny much less any other forms of oppression I don t think that this is an accurate depiction of Riot Grrrl feminism and it definitely was not a balance challenge or balm for the oppression depicted in this book As a survivor of sexual assault I was uite disappointed in the depiction of sexual assault in the story It felt like it was thrown in there carelessly In particular the arc around Tabitha s experience felt deeply insulting and disrespectful toward survivors both now and particularly teen survivors assaulted during the timeframe of the book view spoiler The idea that a school would act so swiftly and thoroughly to protect a student who had been horribly bullied with no action whatsoever up until that point felt laughably inaccurate and handwavy That her whole arc with Kate around this would include that kind of apology and forgiveness was deeply insulting hide spoiler

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READ & DOWNLOAD Ý Grrrls on the Side READ & DOWNLOAD ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook á Carrie Pack The year is 1994 and alternative is in But not for alternative girl Tabitha Denton; she hates her life She is uninterested in boys lonely and sidelined by former friends at her suburban high school When she picks up a zine at a punk concert she finds an escape an advertisement for. Author s Note including trigger warnings Riot Grrrl was a moment in time that represented what being young and female meant within the greater context of our society It also helped a lot of us to understand what was possible Many young women knew that even though significant strides had been made for gender and racial euality the world was far from eual In the early 1990s a group of socially aware young women created some would argue that they stumbled upon a feminist movement they dubbed Riot Grrrl When I starting writing Grrrls on the Side than a year ago the world was a different place for women As we approached the 2016 election it seemed we were on the cusp of having our first female president Progress had been made Our voices were being heard I had nostalgia for Riot Grrrl The moment felt ripe for a book that reflected on how far we ve come as feminists and the role that young women and girls have played in that journey Now I believe this book may have a different purpose I sincerely hope Grrrls serves as a reminder of the power that women carry within ourselves of the joy kindness and ferocity we bring to everything we do and of the hope that it can and will get better because we have each otherWith the historic Women s March on Washington in January 2017 I once again saw the power of women and girls to influence change on a grand scale We still have a long way to go but there are always other women out there fighting the good fight who will stand up and have your back who will call you out on your crap and who will remind you that you are not alone So thank you so much for giving Grrrls on the Side a chance Tabitha s story represents a journey that a lot of young women take on their path to finding their place in the world and I believe that is an important message for young adults Unfortunately for one in six American women that journey is often derailed by sexual assault So it would be impossible to talk about feminism and Riot Grrrl without addressing that very real and important issue While there are no specific depictions of rape in my novel there is discussion of the rape of an underage girl There is also one scene where a character experiences unwanted kissing and touching If you think this might be harmful or triggering to you please feel free to give this book a pass Or if you d like to know what page numbers to skip or want to contact me for details please visit my website at wwwcarriepackcom

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READ & DOWNLOAD Ý Grrrls on the Side READ & DOWNLOAD ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook á Carrie Pack The out and proud Jackie is unlike anyone Tabitha has ever known As her feelings for Jackie grow Tabitha begins to learn about herself and the racial injustices of the punk scene but to be with Jackie she must also come to grips with her own privilege and stand up for what’s righ. I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Therefore I thank the publisher for a chance to read this incredible noveltrigger warning for sexual assaultGrrrls on the Side takes place during the Riot Grrrl movement of the early to mid 90sOur story begins when 16 year old Tabitha attends a punk concert with her friend Mike There she picks up a zine and ends up going to a Riot Grrrl meet up Through this she meets Jackie a black butch lesbian who changes Tabitha s world forever She becomes a person that makes her uestion her life her privilege everything she thought she knew about the punk rock scene And as their relationship develops so does the group that s been formed within the clubTabitha is shy uiet with a very strong moral compass a girl who discovers her identity and learns to stand up for herself who proudly calls herself a bisexual This is also an ownvoices novel the author herself is a bisexualThe romance was just beautiful I loved it The bi character wasn t oversexualized Even the black lesbian wasn t oversexualized It s just rare to find this in YASO reasons you gotta read thisgirl punk rock bandbest female friendshipsfeminist ass ladiesbest fat girl rep I ve ever seen she never complained that she was too fat and didn t fit in even when she was bullied in schoolon point bi repzinesset in the 90sReally this book was just awesome and I m happy that Carrie Pack has written this kind of novel really you never find this kind of stuff in YAI urge you all to pick this novel upplease read this trust me