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Review ✓ The True Bastards ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Tards have struggled to survive Tested to the breaking point by the burdens of leadership Fetching battles desperately to stave off famine desertion and the scorn of the other half orc chieft. You name us mongrels You name us soot skins You name us ash coloreds You name us in hatred What will you name us when you learn to fear us Here we go I ve been looking forward to the next installment in this gritty violent bloodthirsty foul mouthed barbaric Mad Max on hogs chaotic world since I turned the last page of the first book Did Jonathan French deliver Indeed he did Let me give you just a bit of background to catch you upThe Frails otherwise known as humans have relied on The Hoof bands of castoff half orcs to serve as a barrier in The Lots between them and the rampaging Orcs Centaurs and numerous other creatures who routinely during a Berserker moon try to destroy everything in their path The Half orcs are the progeny of Orcs raping frails or in the case of our heroine Fetching elves They are toothy brawny ugly babies that even make their mothers shiver in disgust They might be mugly but they grow up to be fierce fighters not as strong as Orcs but infinitely smarter To protect their stronghold Hispartha the frails create a land for these repugnant half breeds to serve as a buffer between them and those monstrous creatures who desire their destructionIn the last season I m using a TV term because I feel that some bright executive in TV land should be cueing this up for Netflix or HBO Jackal was the focal character but now that he is off on some crusade to eviscerate an odious magician that leaves Fetching in charge of their Hoof clan the Bastards Fetching is the only female hog rider but now she breaks another glass ceiling by becoming the one and only Chief uim the term freuently used to describe her by rival Hoof bands Yeah it s not fucking easy being a woman in charge Never taken orders from no woman before Sure you have Fetch said giving her saddle s girth strap one final sharp tug Had to be at least one that told you to go faster Okay yeah I nearly geysered the mouthful of Earl Grey tea I happened to have just sipped before reading that line There will be numerous lines sprinkled throughout the text that will inspire a chortle a snortle or uite possibly a full on knee slapping belly laugh Needless to say any snide remark that any male of the species any species can conjure Fetch will have a barbed reply waiting in her uiver of snarky word shafts It doesn t help that Fetch is a half orc wet dream with her lush curves and pleasing features thanks to her elfin mother and seems to be putting out a fog of pheromones that turns every male into a grunting moronic asshole She may not look like a badass but once they feel the sting of her blade tickling their tenders they have to reevaluate her abilities Fetch is exceptional something that women all over have discovered they have to be to even be considered for any sort of advancement It is never enough to be eually as good How many women wish they could grab a man by his scrotum with their gloved hands and tell him to shut the fuck up and sit down before his manhood becomes an ugly but small objet d art on her mantlepiece For her own safety Fetch has to bristle with menacing violence So naturally things have turned to steaming shit The Lots are a wide swath of Thunderdome Things are so bad that Conan might pack up his swords and scuttle off to a safer geography Drought has brought famine the Hoof numbers are at an all time low some magical wolves are trying to kill Fetch another Hoof Chief is plotting her demise how dare she think a female can run a Hoof Band some really fucked up super Orc is trying to turn her into splatter the frails have brought cannon to their stronghold in The Lots fucking Jackel won t return from his fucking uest to help and the elves are not turning out to be the allies she hoped they would be Oh and she is about to discover the truth of her origin story Yep like something right out of the super hero comic books Despite all these distractions Fetching is coming to some controversial conclusions about the future of the Half orcs and their overlord masters the Frails Why serve when one can rule thyself Again as I turn the last page of this second season see what I m doing there again I m already wondering when I will have the pleasure of meeting back up with my smelly ill tempered Hoof band Who doesn t want to hang out with Mead Dumb Door Shed Snake Culprit Polecat Oats and Hoodwink I ve already yelled out in my sleep We live in the saddle We die on the hog Not an easy explanation to present to a befuddled wife woken from deep slumber Strap on your tulwar sling your crossbow across your back and get ready to ride your hog into battle with Fetch She needs all the help she can get even from Frails like you and I If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at and an Instagram account

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Review ✓ The True Bastards ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ains even as orcs and humans alike threaten the Lots' very existence Then an old enemy finds a way to strike at her from beyond the grave and suddenly only one faint hope for salvation remain. Ok this was surprisingly different a whole new direction Review to come

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Review ✓ The True Bastards ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Fetching was once the only female rider in the Lot Lands Now she is the leader of her own hoof a band of loyal half orcs sworn to her command But in the year since she took power the True Bas. The True Bastards by Jonathan French is a book I reuested from NetGalley and the review is voluntary Last year I read The Grey Bastards and of the 800 books I read this book stood out as my favorite So when I saw this second book I really hoped they would let me read it The last book was centered around the half orcs group they call a hoof and this good calls themselves The Grey BastardsThis group has some of the same people but they have the first woman half orc chief The hoof lives in the same Lot as before but they call themselves The True Bastards This job is not easy for a male to be riding a giant mean tusked hog A hog big enough to carry a half orc long distances The female chief has to ride fight pull and shoot a bow knife fight and be totally fearless to live in a hoof but so to be the chief The Lots is a hard life The food is scarce lots of enemies the land barren All the good depends if the chief s decisionsThis is a very action filled book that holds nothing back If you are offended by swear words even implied ones this is not for you This is what it would really be like ifThat s why I like it French make this world and characters so real I think my favorite character is Polecat he is paler than the other half orcs and very uiet on his feet and a good sniper Bad guys are dead and they don t know it yet This is non stop action page turner from the beginning My emotions were everywhere There are lots of great creatures in here too Elves trolls orcs snake like creatures sorcerers and centaurs The worst are humans There is so much that goes on in here It is a must read Truly another winning book Love the cover