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Brave the Tempest Read & Download È 104 En and confronted the two sides of her own nature both god and human So it's not surprising that she currently finds herself facing two adversaries although they have a single purpose to wipe out the supernatural community's newest fighting force leaving it vulnerable to enemies in this world and beyond To prevent catastrophe the vamps mages and demons wil. I really have no idea how to review thisAnyone reading my updates would see that 80% of this book fraustrated the hell out of meI ve been following this series for 10 years which is proved my the dusty paperbacks sat on my book shelves from before I discovered the Kindle app of my phone 6 years ago Karen Chance has created an incredibly complex and impressive world She has a gift for writing characters that you absolutely love both main and sideHowever and freuently her book just feel like a chaotic messThe plot lurches like a drunken toddler from one mishap to the next We get massively confusing info dumps of various factions of supernatural races and these info dumps fly about just as chaotically There were so many times I just skim read through these parts because I just wanted to get to some damned development either of the plot or characters Sadly both were mostly missing hereThere wasn t really a plot Yes the overarching plot of the series moved slightly in that a few pieces are in place for the big war in faerie with the Black Circle and Jonathan But that was really a tiny amount of the book and whilst all of the threads sort of came together at the end it was incredibly rushed and mostly glossed overI ll be honest though my biggest issue is the tiny amount of page time devoted to character and relationship development I m going to focus on Cassie and Pritkin because they are really the only reason I didn t give up on these books ages ago but it could be said for Cassie and pretty much every character in the book There is never any downtime in these books for the characters to talk and for things to be resolved Sure very occasionally these conversations start but they are always ALWAYS interrupted by some new random drama It is SO fraustrating I don t read books to want to throw my virtual copy across the room and stomp on it for good measure It just seems completely and utterly unnecessaryCassie spent 3 books tracking Pritkin down It was soooooo dragged out as has their whole relationship and the god awful love triangle To not have Pritkin show up for over 170 pages did not get me off to a good start with this book only for him to be there for about 50 pages and then be gone for over another 100 Yes there are two really nice albeit brief scenes with the two of them that I absolutely loved and there were some sweet moments interspersed in the usual chaos but this definitely did not feel like the motherload of a payoff I was hoping for considering the bloody build upSo all in all I am fraustrated and disappointed in this book I still absolutely adore Cassie and Pritkin They are a amazing togethet and their relationship is just wonderful I love Cassie s bonds with her court and how they re forming and I continue to love her vampire bodyguards But we just need of that sort of stuff This lurching crazy action has just got so so old to meI will keep reading for these characters to get my Cassie and Pritkin fix but I just wish these books were different3 stars feels fair based on my feelings while reading it For the Cassie and Pritkin scenes alone along with my love of so many of the other characters this would be 10 stars if I could give it For mostly everything else it would be 1 or 2

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Brave the Tempest Read & Download È 104 Cassie Palmer chief seer of the supernatural world faces her biggest challenge yet her own allies Everything's on the line in the latest thrilling entry in the New York Times bestselling urban fantasy seriesCassie Palmer has been chief seer of the supernatural world for a little over four months In that time she's battled two gods fallen in love with two m. Cassie Palmer is the Pythia the supernatural world s top seer Even though she holds the title none of the powers that be really have told her much about her position It seems they like keeping her in the dark so they can hold the power at each of their own whims Big mistake on their parts because Cassie isn t going to take their hand out sitting down She finally takes the reins for her own powers and realizes the machinations each faction has been using to hold her back Now the vampires mages and demons will have to work together to face their newest foes and it is up Cassie to bring them all together without them destroying each other before they can save their worldsChance writes a perfect addition to the Cassie Palmer series The balance of humor drama action and world building flat out works This was one of those reads that I read from start to finish and then started all over again because yes there is that much going onThere is no denying I love the Karen Chance s writing and I loved Brave the Tempest I highly recommend this book as a must read to any urban fantasy connoisseurI received this ARC copy of Brave the Tempest from Penguin Random House and Berkley Publishing Group This is my honest and voluntary review Brave the Tempest is set for publication July 30 2019My Rating 5 stars FAVORITEWritten by Karen ChanceSeries Cassie Palmer Book 9Mass Market Paperback 576 pagesPublisher Berkley Publication Date July 30 2019ISBN 10 1101990007ISBN 13 978 1101990001Genre Urban Fantasy Noble

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Brave the Tempest Read & Download È 104 L have to do the one thing they've never managed before and come together as allies Cassie has the difficult task of keeping the uneasy coalition intact and of persuading her own two opposing forces a powerful mage with a secret and a master vampire with a growing obsession to fight at her side She just hopes they can do it without tearing each other apart. I received a copy of Brave the Tempest in exchange for a fair and honest reviewBrave the Tempest is the latest installment in the Cassie Palmer series and man could I not be happier to have a copy of this book in my hands I know some fans have only been reading one series or the other Cassie or Dory but there is some backstory that is very relevant in Dory s series and short stories that you probably don t want to miss out on Plus they re a blast so there s thatThis novel continues the battle that Cassie and her allies not uite the accurate term all things considered but we re going with it have been prepping for and dealing with for years And yes it lived up to all of my hopes and expectationsCassie has had to put up with a lot over the past few months though it s hard to believe what has been years for us has only been months for her and Brave the Tempest didn t give her any breaks She s still learning how to be a Pythia on top of dealing with multiple senates and courts plus prepping for a battle to end all battles One that they ll hopefully win And somehow Cassie has to get all of these different factions to work together in order to have any chance of having everybody survive it allThe Cassie Palmer series and the Dory series by extension has been one of my favorite series for a long time now And while we may be than a dozen books in now I still can t get enough So I may be just a tiny bit biased in this review But only as biased as any fan would beBrave the Tempest had a lot of expectations riding on it and yet it managed to meet all of them I enjoyed every minute of this read all of the lows and all of the highs And everything in betweenThis novel is a whopping 544 pages but honestly It blew by in no time This series has always been an eventful one with Cassie having to deal with problems left and right And Brave the Tempest is no exception to that ruleThere was just SO much that happened here I m not even sure where to begin Cassie was fantastic as always I adore her drive and determination And honestly I love that nothing Cassie does is ever easy you re always fully aware of the cost and ramifications of her actionsThe last few novels in this series have really upped the ante on the emotional level Cassie has always had to deal with a lot but suddenly the whole mess felt a lot personal And I m happy to say that Brave the Tempest continued this trend Though naturally the how and why has altered thanks to the conclusion of Ride the StormAnd boy was this novel an emotional roller coaster In a good way I promise Every battle and conflict that Cassie and her allies have been prepping for are looming on the horizon And yet and keeps creeping up to complicate the matter I don t envy anyone in this situationThe secondary characters in this novel are numerous As they would have to be given how many people Cassie has to work with Yet I feel like many of them had moments in this novel Some than others naturally But all of the important players were there More than that though it seemed like they ve all had character growth along the wayThe personal moments in this novel were deeply moving And I don t just mean the romantic sort of personal moments There were several heart to heart moments here and I feel like they have been a long time coming I m happy that Karen Chance made time for them here I think it was timeI ve said it before but I m saying it again here I adore the political shenanigans in this series The world is just so incredibly complex with factions and senates all working towards their own goals and freuently getting in each other s way It s so rich and intense And it may sound odd to say this being that I m talking about fantasy creatures here but it makes it all believable Because I don t believe for a minute that all of these consuls and covens would work flawlessly together for funSome of the politics in this novel uite literally had me suealing There s nothing I love than a good political throwdown Especially in the supernatural world And I got exactly what I wanted here And then some I ll skip the details because they re so much better first hand But I will say that Brave the Tempest officially has one of my favorite scenesAs for the resolution in Brave the Tempest It s something I think we ve been needing for a while now I know it s something Cassie has needed And yes my statement there is a layered one because I m referring to several things that happened But in my defense a lot happened at onceI m a bit sad that the book is over but on the bright side I won t have to wait long for the next novel Shatter the Earth Cassandra Palmer 10 is scheduled for a December release And yes I do mean of this year I m so excited