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characters À Innocence Evagardian #4 BadI've come a long way to get here but I'm just getting started The whole galaxy is watching every move I make and listening to every word I say so the only safe place is my mindThat isn't very comforti. First thank you to goodreads giveaway The admiral is back in an action packed tale There are uite a few flashbacks to the admiral s young adulthood I have to admit I was a little shocked at ho

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characters À Innocence Evagardian #4 No one's sure if I'm a hero or a monster but there's no uestion that I'm locked up in the most brutal penitentiary in regulated space This isn't just a prison it's entertainment everything that goes on he. I was caught by surprise by the release of Innocence and it instantly went up to the top of my To Be Read pileI have been eagerly waiting to know what happened to the Admiral after Free Space

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characters À Innocence Evagardian #4 Re is for the enjoyment of the fans whose subscriptions keep the place runningYou murdered twenty million innocent people one of them tells me And you know what When he puts it like that it sounds kind of. in fourth book I need to catch up with third we meet our protagonist mysterious Admiral as he is unceremoniously dropped on a prison asteroid after his arrest by Evagardian forces at the end