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  • Paperback
  • 384
  • Mortal Sin
  • Laurie Breton
  • English
  • 05 April 2019
  • 9780778320258

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Mortal Sin characters ✓ 0 Etermination to track her down Suspecting Kit has disappeared into the Combat Zone and with no one else to turn to Sarah appeals to Clancy for helpThe unlikely pair team up to find Kit but in the process find something else something powerful something unexpected and something that will shake them to their core. This is my favorite type of book The story has romance mystery and suspense Our hero is a priest Father Clancy Donovan I loved how he was written He has a mystery from his past that needs resolution He comes to see how he has denied himself love while seeking some sort of redemption Our heroine is flawed but has learned from her past mistakes Set in Boston part of a series the situation here is a missing run away teen girl Loved this book

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Mortal Sin characters ✓ 0 Frustrated he has lost the joy in his life and has no idea how to get it backDivorced three times and not yet thirty five Sarah Connolly is trying hard to make a new start when life throws her a curve Kit her fifteen year old niece has run away from home and Sarah will need every ounce of her stubbornness and d. My mother had picked this book up at Goodwill and when she finished with it she passed it on Romance novels are for me a special kind of book I read them when I want a uick exciting interesting read that I don t really have to spend a lot of time thinking about I know how it s going to end before I read itlet s face it no one wants to read a romance where the guy girl don t end up together so it s the getting there that is important I think it takes a special talent to make a book interesting when the end is predetermined and this book in my opinion didn t do that very wellFirst the subject matter was a little sketchy falling in love with a priest so maybe I should have passed on this one I m not Catholic but it really goes against my ethics for someone to make vows and promises to so many people and then just walk away from them I lose respect for the person who walked away and also the one who lead him there so the idea of a priest falling in love didn t do much for me Regardless of those feelings I chose to read this book and I attempted to enjoy it It wasn t bad I just didn t think it was good I have never read anything by Ms Breton before so I m not sure if this is merely her style of writing or not but she seemed to be working very hard to make her dialog cutesyif the main character called another person sugar I was literally going to throw the book across the room The priest never passed the sniff test for me there was way to much description that reminded me of a teenager trying to describe the cool priest and I didn t find it believable Probably the most disappointing aspect of the book was the end It was uite silly nothing that I found the least bit credible and very forced It was as if the author suddenly got tired of writing so she uickly wrapped it up Everything was neatly tied up in a bow in about a minute Overall I wouldn t recommend this book but as I said it wasn t terrible It seems like the author didn t research anything for authenticity but just threw together a story to get a book out

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Mortal Sin characters ✓ 0 Park Suare Mass Ave The Combat Zone All home to Boston's sex trade Home also to runaways and lost souls home to high rollers and politicians looking for action they can't find anywhere else It is home too for Father Clancy Donovan who spends his time here trying to get young girls off the street Bone weary and. What I thought was going to be a good mystery wound up being a mediocre romance with some suspense Breton is a great storyteller with her vivid descriptions but it winds up becoming a little overdone I don t need to read how a seedy hotel bathroom smells like urine 2 or three times or how a man smells like bay rum and alter candles 5 or 6 times I m sure there are other things to describeThe story started out a little slow and it s still unbelievable A priest falling so in love with this woman with a missing teenager that he can t function as a priest let alone a masculine human being This really left a Harleuin Romance taste in my mouth